The Versatile Discovery

Welcome to my new writing space, the versatile discovery. This is my space where I will be working on a few different creative projects, including writing, video editing, and journalism.

yellow flower

I like to call it my “blossoming”. I am constantly called the “Jill of all trades”. I believe this is because I have dipped my foot in every different type of interest or work, just enough to feel the temperature and mood of that work, and then moving on. This can be a good trait to have and yes, I have placed pride on knowing I know how to do so many things. However, then comes the moment when I get bored, don’t finish what I’m doing, and then move on! Its exhausting to find your passion. I have always been envious of those who find it from birth. I, am not one of those people.

Thus, the versatile discovery.

Call it a path of life, even. I don’t know when it will end, but I will not give up trying until I do.

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