Thirty years ago…

On this day thirty years ago the IBM Personal Computer was debuted to the U.S open public. To think about how much this item has changed the entire world in this short amount of time is unfathomable. Where will we be in another thirty years??


Recently, I’ve started to wonder if all of these high speed technology gadget du-hickies are really all that great for us. Things like social media and instant messaging is supposed to keep us more in touch with one another- But in fact, I feel as though it has made us all further apart. Gone are the days where we have to worry about our minutes running out on our cell phone, nobody calls each other! I know that my main source of communication is text message. We never have to think on our feet. We can ponder our whitty comebacks and flirt without one embarrasing vision of blushing. As much as we all think we are “connected” I still look around, and see that no one is getting together anymore, no one has interesting stories to share without “having heard it already” on facebook. Call me crazy, call it “getting older” but I do miss the days of little to no cell phones now that I see that no one will even pick up my phone calls. Am I a hypocrite? Yes, to a certain degree. I am quite addicted to my Blackberry. But imagine for a SECOND that they all banished. The good ol days would be back! Hop on the bikes, go outside, knock on each others doors without the slightest thought of, “why wasn’t there a facebook invitation made for this?”

Everyone gets that feeling every once in a while that wants them to delete facebook. Because reality is, there’s no privacy anymore! One drunken status update or picture of you shit faced proves my point. So, the question is, why are we all still connected?

Think of the old movies- even dated back to the “*gasp* NINETIES- where the neighbourhood old bitties are peeking out of their window curtains to catch a glimpse of any juicy gossip that they can share with all of the other old bitties. And that’s exactly what we are all guilty of-spreading the word without actually physically “spreading the word” you publish one thing, the next thing you know, the whole town knows who dunnit.

Needless to say, if we all got rid of facebook, there would be no way to share photos or keep in touch with old friends or relatives (heaven forbid we all have phones for reasons other than talking on the phone) and these are all the excuses we have made to keep facebook alive and running in our life. I call it good ol’fashion boredom. Because you know that someone on your facebook is gonna have an argument (such bravery- calling eachother names behind a computer- where have all the cowboys gone?) its like trashy television in the palm of your hand! How does this boredom get created? Because everyone is too busy staying inside on their computers!

I especially feel bad for the children out there born into facebook. I luckily escaped having my entire teenage life filled with awkward firsts and terrible haircuts being on display for everyone to see, I was 21 at the time this all came about. But think of the 5 year olds who’s baby pictures are forever published online, no need for mom showing albums to their girlfriends!

Thinking out loud…

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The Versatile Discovery

Welcome to my new writing space, the versatile discovery. This is my space where I will be working on a few different creative projects, including writing, video editing, and journalism.

yellow flower

I like to call it my “blossoming”. I am constantly called the “Jill of all trades”. I believe this is because I have dipped my foot in every different type of interest or work, just enough to feel the temperature and mood of that work, and then moving on. This can be a good trait to have and yes, I have placed pride on knowing I know how to do so many things. However, then comes the moment when I get bored, don’t finish what I’m doing, and then move on! Its exhausting to find your passion. I have always been envious of those who find it from birth. I, am not one of those people.

Thus, the versatile discovery.

Call it a path of life, even. I don’t know when it will end, but I will not give up trying until I do.

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